『Obi de Boots 粋』陽炎〜Kagerou〜


¥ 44,000(税込)

Obi de Boots iki(オビデブーツイキ)陽炎〜Kagerou〜

Obi de Boots iki〜Kagerou〜
The “Obi” (belt) that was made by the “Kimono” (Japanese traditional dress) company in Kyoto, which has a 101-year-foundation has transformed into the boots cover.
The design was inspired by the heat haze in Summer and flame. As a result of making its color tone black and silver, it brings to be the stylish design. Moreover, by incorporating the material, whose color will be changeable depending on the viewing angle into the textile, it brings to be a far more stylish atmosphere.
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