『Obi de Boots 粋』折鶴〜Orizuru〜


¥ 44,000(税込)

Obi de Boots iki(オビデブーツイキ)折鶴〜Orizuru〜

Obi de Boots iki〜Orizuru〜
The “Obi” (belt) that was made by the “Kimono” (Japanese traditional dress) company in Kyoto, which has a 101-year-foundation has transformed into the boots cover.
The design, which is integrated into the geometric pattern accompanied with “Orizuru”(Paper Crane) was inspired by the classic Obi that was feature a in vogue 70 years ago. As a result of making its color tone the modern color pattern, it brings to be an eye-catching design.
Patent pending